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Moulins Demain

Let's value our energies

Dedicated to small hydroelectricity

At Moulins Demain, we support project leaders (mill owners, communities, businesses, citizen groups) in developing the hydroelectric potential of their site.

Etang dans un jardin

Our mission

Transforming old water mills into a source of renewable electricity to accelerate the energy transition at the local level

At Moulins Demain, we are aware that the energy and climate crises force us to quickly escape our dependence on fossil fuels. Thus, finding new energy sources that are local, low-carbon and easy-to-implement is a necessity. Small hydroelectricity, decentralized throughout France, is largely under-exploited and must participate in this transition. In order to exploit these potentials, we facilitate the implementation of these projects.

You are ...

Do you want to study the possibility of installing a turbine in your old mill to produce electricity?


You want to buy or sell a mill that could produce electricity and want to know its potential?

Do you want to develop the energy potential of your territory and have an unexploited hydroelectric resource?

You would you like to have a map of existing potential in your territory and obtain financing?

You own a waterfall (bnb, restaurant, sewage treatment plant, factory, fish farm, etc.) and you would like to produce electricity from it?

You would like to estimate the investment to be considered and the revenue that this could generate with a turbine adapted to your needs?


Our services

By offering step-by-step support adapted to your needs, Moulins Demain facilitates the implementation of your projects.

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Based on the main characteristics of the site (location, flow rate, head of fall), we study your project to find out to what extent we can support you.

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Feasibility study

It aims to size the installation (based on existing technological solutions on the market) and to study the technical and economic feasibility of such a project: 

  • An on-site visit: exact measurement of the head and flow,

  • A study of the impact of climate change on water resources,

  • An inventory of the site: inventory of all existing structures (threshold, water intake, valve, etc.),

  • Identification and sizing of the turbine best suited to your site, 

  • Identification of the developments to be planned to ensure the installation of the turbine,

  • An assessment of the output (hydroelectric potential),

  • A profitability study (costing of revenues, equipment costs, delivery, commissioning, estimation of the cost of civil engineering and ancillary developments)

We can also help you identify existing aid from which you could benefit depending on your situation and the location of your project.

Administrative study

Once the potential is confirmed, we support you in obtaining the necessary authorizations to be able to produce, consume and obtain income from the sale of your electricity:

  • Recognition of the right to water,

  • Carrying out the notification,

  • Connection request and eligibility for the purchase obligation.

Territorial diagnosis of hydroelectric potential

On a given territory, we study the hydroelectric potential of sites that can be equipped and prioritize them according to their energy potential, their economic profitability and ease of implementation in order to prioritize the most relevant projects.

everywhere in France

We travel throughout France (and as much as possible by train) to carry out field studies in order to characterize potential sites

Speed of intervention
on site

Moulins Demain undertakes to intervene on site within a maximum of one month after ordering a feasibility study

Support on your projects

We identify the existing technological solution on the market best suited to your needs and support you until its implementation

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Localisation of our projects

Many sites (mills, sewage treatment plants, fish farms, factories, etc.) have already benefited from our expertise.

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